3 Coffee Recipes You Must Try


Almost everyone needs a cup of coffee to wake up everyday. The same coffee all the time can get a little boring. Try something new! Whether you’re a cold brew lover or you’re looking for a more urban beverage, we’ve got some recipes just for you! Pamper yourself and your guests with these exclusive coffee ideas for the most sophisticated of tastes.

Coffee Lemonade


Perk up your day with this rejuvinating afternoon coffee beverage. Start by filling a tall glass with ice cubes and 2/3 with fizzy lemonade. Prepare a fresh Espresso (about 45 ml) and pour over the ice as well. Be careful not to mix the espresso with the lemonade to create an appetizing layered look. Enjoy!

Walnut frappe


Start by grinding 7 walnuts to a fine powder, then add 2 scoops vanilla ice cream, 15 g honey, 10 g chocolate chips, 5 g vanilla essence, 240 ml milk and a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee. Blend until creamy and garnish with chocolate sprinkles. Yumiliscious!!

Mocha Cappuccino


An especially aromatic treat with a hint of passion: a double espresso with 20 ml of chocolate syrup and 50 ml of hot milk. This delicious specialty is then topped with 200 g of whipped cream and 50 g of chocolate crumbles sprinkled over it. Delicious!!!

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  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Excellent coffee shots! Well done.

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