Makeup Brushes Guide


Trying to figure out what makeup brush to use and for what? Don’t worry girl! You are not the only one. We find ourselves lost too. So, here’s the ultimate guide to the types of makeup brushes to use and for what purpose.


  1. Eye Blending Brush

As the name suggests, this brush is used to blend the eye shadow into the eye lids.

  1. Lip Brush

It’s better to apply lipstick with the help of this brush than directly applying from the lipstick for a more refined and sharp look.

  1. Concealer Brush

Narrow and firm, these brushes are just what you need to apply concealer exactly where you want it.

  1. Smudge Brush

If you love smoke eyes, you would definitely love this one. It’s used to softly smudge the eye shadow to get the desired look.

  1. Brow Brush

A good eye brow in angled and dark and you can get it exactly like that with a brow brush.

  1. Eye Shadow Brush

The soft and tapered bristles of this brush makes it the perfect brush for applying a little colour to your eye lashes.

  1. Brow Brush & Comb

This 2-in-1 brush is used to comb out the mascara lumps from your eye lashes and to perfect your eye brows.

  1. Powder Brush

A must have- powder bush is essential for every girl to apply any kind of powder on her face.

  1. Kabuki Brush

With it’s big round surface and ultra-soft bristles, you would find it perfect for applying everything from blusher to concealer.

  1. Angled Face Brush

A face changes drastically with a little highlighting of cheek bones. Use the angled Face brush to add definition to your face.

  1. Angled Eye Brush

Sometimes, you need a little sharp angle to give perfect shape to your eyes. You can also use this brush to apply gel eye-liner.

  1. Fan Brush

The most unusual brush of the lot, you can use it to sweep off excess makeup powder or to simply blend other makeup.

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